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Can trigger point therapy improve knots and reduce pain? Yes, it can.

Updated: Jan 26

Trigger point therapy is an extremely effective massage treatment that promotes the release of tender, painful points in the muscles and fascia.

We usually refer to these triggers points as "knots" and they develop overtime from tight muscles, injury or overuse, inactivity, poor sleep, increased stress, and/or poor posture.

They can present as a localized, dull ache in one area or refer to other points in the body, such as a trigger point in the upper shoulder that refers pain to the neck or head and results in tension headaches. An inactive (or latent) trigger point may not cause pain unless pressure is applied but may cause surrounding muscle weakness or range of motion restrictions.

To treat these trigger points, slow, targeted pressure is applied to encourage the tissue to release the "knot" in the muscle and increase circulation to the area to improve the health and pliability of the tissue. Trigger point therapy is incorporated into every massage session at Therapeutic Intentions Massage and the application of massage cups, stretching, and postural training may all be used to improve your results.

Book your next session now to start improving how to you feel and begin experiencing less pain in your day to day life.

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